Sworn Translation of Lease Agreement

A lease is an agreement between the owner of a property and the person or persons who are going to live in the property. This contract mentions the amount of the monthly rent, the due date, how to act in case of damage or non-compliance, etc.

In most occasions, the lease is also known as. lease agreement. Although the two forms are used as synonyms, they really are not. Some differences are established at the legal level. The term lease usually implies contracts of a longer duration and for a habitual abode. Rent, however, is usually linked to shorter contracts that are not always related to dwellings but also to real estate and services.

Do I need a sworn translation of my lease contract?

In our globalized world, contact between people from different countries is increasing, therefore, contracts are also more international. Lease contracts have a series of characteristics in common: regulations, laws, organizations… aspects that the translator must know so that the resulting document is correct and avoids the non-compliance of any clause or rule. Whenever a contract is drafted in a language other than the country in which it is to be presented, it will need to be translated. If the document is to have legal validity the translation will have to be sworn, that is, stamped and signed by an official translator.

Why do I need a sworn translation of my lease agreement?

We may need the sworn translation of this type of document for procedures such as:

  • proof in lawsuits or court cases to prove that we live in a certain place.
  • applying for a grant
  • in case of having to complete a tax return, justify that a monthly rent is being paid

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