Sworn Translation of Medical Certificate

A medical certificate is a document in which a licensed professional attests to the state of health of a person. This type of document usually has the validity of one month from the time it is issued.

Do I need a certified translation of my medical certificate?

The medical certificate in Spain is issued in official stamped paperso it is also considered a official documentof a medical nature and with legal implications. This document will always need to be presented in the language of the destination country or place where we have to carry out a certain procedure. Therefore, if we are asked to translate it, it will probably have to be a certified translation, signed and stamped by a sworn translator who will give it legal validity.

What kind of medical documents are most often translated?

We can highlight the following:

  1. Medical certificate: is a document that explains in summary the state of health of a person at a given time.
  2. Medical report: describes in detail a particular disorder or problem of a person, reflecting its history and possible treatment.
  3. Certificate of medical insurance: this document is issued by the relevant insurance company and is proof that a person has certain medical coverage.

Why do I need to translate my medical certificate?

Many procedures require the translation of a medical certificate. Among them we are going to mention:

  • Taking out medical insurance
  • Applying for a visa
  • International travel
  • Obtaining a work permit
  • Obtain a gun license
  • Obtain a pilot’s license
  • Obtain a license to work with heavy machinery
  • Development of risk sports
  • Obtaining a leave of absence from work
  • International adoptions

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