Languages in the Globalization of your Business

In today’s world of business and foreign trade, managing your company in 2 languages is insufficient and can leave you at disadvantage. If you want to sell, you must strive to make the buying process easier for your potential customers. It is you who must approach them; it is you who must simplify the path; it is you who must speak their language.

Today, more than ever, languages in foreign trade are protagonists in the market. What happens when we see that a person makes an effort to speak our language? We automatically receive a message of interest and closeness, it builds trust and creates an opportunity for connection. The same thing happens to others when we are the ones making the effort to reach more people.

The goal is not simply to generate a good impression: it’s about giving your customers and collaborators the opportunity to interact comfortably in their native language.

Don’t rely on the automatic translator. Providing information in more than one language is more than just translating texts: it is important to understand how each language works and to be able to offer your potential customers information that is misunderstanding or mistranslation proof. A language comes along with a culture. By knowing and mastering a language you will not only be able to communicate, but to understand behaviors, patterns, traditions, worldviews of other communities and, therefore, approach them in a genuine and effective way.

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