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Sworn translations

This is the translations of the certified documents necessary for official tramites and procedures. They usually need to be legalized and apostilled to have legal value within the country.

Academic translations

In each academic stage, the references and endorsements of the previous degree are requested, they must be in the official language of the country and in many cases their authentication is required.

Accounting / Banking translations

For loan management or banking, tax operations, among others that merit submitting the documentation as a requirement of the entities with whom it is carried out.

Medical Translations

Medicine is a globalized field, patients go to the best specialists regardless of their location. The information provided must be in the native language of the person requesting it.

Corporate translations / Marketing

Promotional material, which need a particular wording oriented towards the objectives pursued. Adapted in each language to its idioms.

Technical translations

New technologies, equipment and procedures are not limited to countries, their scope is global, making them known and teaching about them deserve to be adapted to the language of each site.

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How? We take care of your translations of legal documentes, academic, corporate, financial documentation and of any other nature that you need. Always made by professionals certified by the relevant entities for its full legal validity.

Translations are made from the native language to Spanish and from Spanish to any language.

In addition to this, we do your apostille, notary, visa and other frequently requested legal procedures to validate the information of your documents. In Elba Trad, we do it for you!

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Translated documents are carefully edited for grammatical, spelling and syntax errors by the Elbatrad team.


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